Nimbus Social Media Mockup
Nimbus Brick and Mortar Signage

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A boutique Toronto studio with talents in storytelling wanted to enter the film industry with a bang.

Red Camera Image

The Challenge

To create a brand identity that matched the creativity and imagination of the Nimbus team members, while highlighting their core storytelling strengths and technical skills as a collective.

Nimbus Logo Spacing

The Solution

Identifying the values of the Nimbus team, we clarified what was important to them as a brand and the driving force behind their business. Through these exercises, keywords and phrases were selected to help establish the core design elements of Nimbus Cinema, such as a colour palette, typeface and their logo.

Finally, a brand was born. Incorporating the meaning of the word ‘nimbus’ (raincloud), sparked the idea of a full-blown storm. Powerful, positively-charged and supernatural, this concept combined both the light and sound elements of film while igniting the adventurer in us all.

Nimbus Mission Statement
Nimbus Wordmark

Nimbus Logo and Brand Colours

The Outcome

The new Nimbus brand is versatile and attention-grabbing, with multiple ways to apply the brand identity and colours across all digital and print platforms.

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