what i do


Values & Mission Statement | Target Audience | Persona | Competitive Analysis

Without clear direction, it’s hard to find the right path to your business goals. By identifying who you’re serving and what makes you unique, you can tap into a loyal target market and have a set of values that will drive your company’s growth.


Logo Design | Colour Palettes | Typography | Marketing Collateral | Styleguide

You’ve put a lot of thought into who you are as a business. Show off your hardwork by providing your audience with a seamless visual experience through beautiful design and thoughtful brand elements that will leave them wanting more.


Social Media | Display & OOH Ads | Infographics | Presentations | Wireframes & UX Design

Connecting with your audience has never been easier. With multiple platforms to choose from, you can advertise your business around the world with the click of a button. Make sure you stand out in a sea of competition by having gorgeous, sharable content that will stop them in their trackpads.


Magazines & Booklets | Business Cards | Package Design | Invitations | Brochures

Get physical, because there’s nothing quite like a beautifully-designed book or invite to connect with customers beyond the glowing screen. Combining my production know-how with an eagle’s editorial eye, you can feel confident sending files to press.


What to expect



Let’s get started! Tell me about your project and business goals by sending a detailed email to info@caitlinlegere.com.


You’ll receive a customized proposal via email that outlines your budget, timeline and deliverables. Once approved, I’ll set you up in the system as a new client.


Now that all the paperwork is out of the way, this is where the fun happens! I’ll bring your project to life within our approved timeline and scope.


I’ll make adjustments to the design based on your consolidated edits. The number of revisions per project will be based on your needs.


Once you’re happy with the design, I’ll provide an organized folder with your shiny, new assets — ready to use!


If you agree to partake in a short survey, I’ll collect feedback to ensure every future experience meets your expectations.


Want to get started? Reach out and say hello!